Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Buzzing with Excitement

Buzzing with Excitement

One of the most exciting days of the year is when the bees venture out for the first time. For most, it's probably of very little significance, but for the beekeeper it gives such a sense of relief that the bees have made it through the winter months.

For a variety of reasons they often fail to made it through the dark, cold months and during the past few years we've lost our fair share. To make up,we have also caught a few swarms which is rewarding and makes up for the losses, but not always!

Last year, we lost a lovely colony of old Welsh bees that were so wonderfully docile that no swarm, however large or free, would make up for. I still miss them, and regret that we couldn't do something to save them, but we were too late. Thankfully, this year, we've had no losses, and despite the recent colder weather, the bees have already been out and about spring cleaning their hives and gathering spring nectar.

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