Saturday, 31 July 2010

Ready Steady Cook!

Carnival day arrived...the equivalent of the village fate here in Nangaredig!
All the local children enjoy the freedom to roam about the village with friends whilst Mum and Mamgu sit and enjoy the fierce competition of Ready Steady Cook!!

It doesn't seem difficult to find a willing pair of celebrities in this rugby crazy part of the world! This year Rupert Moon and Sara Elgan were the volunteers, helped by Hazel Thomas and myself. last year I helped out with about twenty minutes warning!
This year.... I was given about two whole weeks to worry about it!!

Actor Julian Lewis Jones (Invictus actor and a local!) became judge for the afternoon and the whole event was held together brilliantly by Simon Wright of 'Y Polyn' top notch restaurant here in Nantgaredig. What an afternoon!!

Hard at work..trying to create a meal whilst talking to Rupert and Simon. Shame the camera didn't capture the crazy humour and fun we all had!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Yummy Scrummy and very Messy!

The Pumpkin Patch travelled to Llwynhendy recently to run cooking with the family classes for a group of Mums and toddlers. The Family Center at Llwynhendy was an amazing venue, well equiped, spacious with plenty of electric sockets for all the induction hobs and griddles that we needed!

We cooked savoury casseroles and pies and sweet fruit parcels, meat balls and burgers and we finished with a cup cake coffee morning!

Lisa (not me, but Lisa from Llwynhendy!) with her little daughter Natisha,

busy making and icing cup cakes!

Little Natisha mixing the butter icing
ready to decorate the cup cakes.

We hope to run another similar course in the Autumn...
maybe focusing on winter stews, soups and old fashioned puddings.