Monday, 23 August 2010

Honey, Honey, Honey!!!

At last, some sticky honey!! Although we've lost a few bees (Remember the swarm in the garden?! June 2010) we have finally got our hands on the sticky stuff! It tastes great, really tasty.



Sunday, 22 August 2010

Anya's Veg Patch

Whilst looking through some photos earlier this week, I discovered some of the Pumpkin Patch gardens - taken in June this year. This was after the spring heat wave and before the summer rains! Things started slowly in the spring due to the dry and hot weather, I doubted at one stage whether we'd get any decent crops at all!

The Pumpkin patches are a long way from any running water and so we have to use watering cans (Or 3 long hose pipes joined together!!) Anya planted up her pumpkin plants and sweetcorn and we really did just hope for the best!

Chickens and drought! A nightmare combination for any gardener!! As I planted the peas I'm sure the chickens were watching from a hidden location. No sooner had I planted them...... the chickens came and scratched them all up. If they missed became succulent pea shoot, a chicken delicacy!

Nets and frames and tents became the solution, and so despite the chickens I have now finally enjoyed a crop of home grown peas (though none of them made it to the kitchen!)

I just love broad beans! An early crop of beans from the Autumn sown Aquadulce beans are a hit every year. Just like the peas though, they're planted to be munched in the garden as I stroll around!

Just the beginnings -just wait 'till you see it now!
Next time!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Summer Holiday Clubs 2010

Another school year over and it's time for the summer holiday clubs!
I love this time of year... lazy Saturday mornings, a real treat for me!
(no Pumpkin Patch!!)

Tuesday mornings however... a mad rush to prepare for the day's events! The Holiday club is a relaxed mix of preparing lunch ….following a very relaxed continental breakfast of Spanish tostadas and hot chocolate.

A country walk to collect hedgerow fruit and 'interesting' country finds is usually followed by a tidy up in the garden a little painting to freshen the raised beds and some cookies from the mornings kitchen efforts!

The day usually goes so fast it's hard to believe that 10 children have cooked, gardened and enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors... usually without a hitch!! Long may that continue!!

Adults join the Pumpkin Patch!!

At last!!! It's been two and a half years since the first Pumpkin Patch workshop, and about two years since Mums ans Dads started asking for something similar for themselves! Last May saw the first Baking day, a day specialising bread making.

In June we had 'the Supper Party', giving hints and tips and ideas on how to throw a stress free supper party for friends. The next will be held in October and will no doubt be full of ideas for winter... to book a place for yourself a friend or a group of you......please call.

Pumpkin Patch workshops start back in early September, please ring to confirm your place. Classes are now available for both primary and secondary age as well as adults... so nobody needs to miss out!