Friday, 22 October 2010

I love Toffee Apples!
Don't you just love toffee apples? Toffee and apples!
Not just toffee but bright red toffee!! Mmm

We had fun making toffee apples at last weeks Pumpkin Patch. We washed the apples to rid them of the wax...( toffee doesn't like wax very much.. it runs away!)... then we made toffee.

A lot of sugar, a little water, a splash of vinegar and a blob of butter all in the pan and carefully boiled until syrupy!! Don't forget the colour.. RED of course!

They're bright, they're sticky but they do count towards your
five a day
- provided you don't just lick all the toffee off!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

HRH Start Project

The Pumpkin Patch has been out and about a fair bit this summer. It's been great fun getting involved in a number of different projects. We've attended carnivals and fun days, food festivals and more recently the launch of Prince of Wales' Start project at the national Botanic garden.

Start is a UK national initiative by The Prince's Foundation to promote and celebrate sustainable living.We can all make positive changes to our lifestyle to benefit the planet, and the Pumpkin patch was proud to be part of such an important day and project.

Above are some of the long standing members of The Pumpkin Patch.
William, Anna, Ailsa, Anya, Thomas and Nia with Aimee and myself.

Nia... the star of the show! Why? For not only cooking the Welsh cakes but for running after the Prince with a plate full, and offering HRH one of our of cakes! Yes, he did accept!!

Aimee above... getting ready for the cookery workshop, and below....
both of us with Anya, busy at work but enjoying the day!!